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Disrupting stock management with an autonomous inventory robot


ID Logistics is an international contract logistics group. The company manages 360 sites in 17 countries and employs 28,000 people. Always on the cutting edge, ID Logistics longs for innovations that have a direct impact on its clients’ operations.

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ID Logistics


Carrying out an inventory is a complex, tedious and time-consuming task. To optimize stock management and to improve the stock managers’ working conditions, ID Logistics engineered with Wyca the first 100% autonomous inventory robot.

This robot, call sign “ASTRID”, requires no human intervention to locate itself, compute its route and carry out inventory work.

ASTRID eliminates downtimes due to inventories. Instead of pausing all operations to perform comprehensive inventories once in a while, ID Logistic’s clients now get a continuous inventory performed transparently in the background.


ASTRID is a first-rate assistant to a key member of the ID Logistics organization: the stock manager. The user experience has been designed by and for stock managers to support them in their line of duty, so they can focus on tasks with higher added value.

The solution is currently operating in a warehouse in the South of France.

10 additional robots will be in operation in ID Logistic’s facilities by the end of 2023.

ID Logistics
“After 3 years of research and development, we are particularly proud to launch ASTRID’s operational deployment. It is a real breakthrough innovation. Not only does it meet our customers’ request to make their stock management even more reliable, but it also improves the working conditions of our teams.”

Éric Hémar

President of ID Logistics

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