No clue how to bring mobility to your project?
Get Elodie, the level 5 self driving autonomous vehicle with up to 150kg of payload
The first turn-key indoor vehicle for your robot
that handle all mobility challenges for you

Get Elodie, build your dressing

A sample list of usefull Elodie TOPs, developped  by our partners, using Wyca's Elodie vehicle and targeting  a whole set of industries

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   Full indoor autonomous security     

Medical & Disinfection

Ultra fast pulsed light disinfection robot

Service & Signage

Digital signage & remote presence robot

E-Commerce & Retail

Shuttle solutions for shops


Goods carrier robot for warehouse


Autonomous factory 4.0 solutions

Retail RFID inventory

Inventory for industry and retail

Retail & Photo control

Photo control for Retail and warehouse

Build YOUR solution 

Free your imagination with 6 screws, 1 TB3 uplink, 0 robotics knowledge


Wyca helps build the perfect TOP for your robot mission


Wyca engineering team will help you build the TOP specificaly optimized for Elodie vehicule. WYCA team will help optimize cost, security and ROI


WYCA engineering team can help you learn how simple it is to build great applications using Elodie message based API. Empowering the full potential of Elodie's self navigation capabilities 


WYCA team are aware of all the potential of mobile robotics and can help you build your case and technical choices in order to maximize your chances to get contracts based on Elodie vehicles


WYCA Robotics, more than 5 years of edge technology mastering in Robotics, AI and autonomous navigation

  • 2015

    Mobile Service Robots

    WYCA envision the rising need of indoor mobile service robots. The first KEYLO robot range where designed as a multi-purpose mobile service robot dedicated to lower facilities operation cost when welcoming customers, such as in self-storage centers

  • 2016-2017

    From first prototype to production

    The first prototype of the Keylo family started to roll mid 2016. Early 2017 the first customers are there and the production starts to ramp up. WYCA is working on the KEYLO second generation while the new platform project, named Elodie, starts.

  • 2018

    2nd generation Keylo targets multiple sectors

    Keylo generation continues to improve and usage expands to several verticals. 

  • November 2019

    Elodie showtime

    Elodie, the first multi-purpose self-driving level 5 indoor vehicle is presented. Elodie received a warm welcome from press, integrators and partners at the CES-2020.

  • May 2020

    Elodie is dressed-up for COVID-19 fighting

    IDAR became the first pulsed light fully autonomous robot to fight against the COVID-19 disease around the world.

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