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Autonomous navigation

Autonomous navigation is the ability for an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) to move from a point A to a point B.

Our team develops AI that allows AGV to localize itself in a map, to select the more convenient path and also to avoid static obstacles (furnitures) or dynamic obstacles (people).

Wyca is able to deploy autonomous navigation on any mobile platform.

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Vision: lidars and 3D cameras

Wyca team gives vision to machines using lidars (Laser sensor) or 3D cameras.

Vision allows robots to understand the environment that surrounds it. Vision improve security and allow interactions with humans

Wyca team continuously tests new sensors, software librairies and AI in order to provides the best solutions to its clients.

Use case with a confidential client

Goal : Demonstrate the ability of reliably detecting both static and moving obstacles 300° around a moving car in real-time by fusing the information of several 3D cameras

Output :

  • Recorded log of all sensor
  • Realtime 2D flattened costmap centered on the car
  • Compared analysis of the obstacles detected and of a
  • provided a priori map of the obstacles coupled with a synchronized GPS log of the path of the car

Possible evolutions:

  • Visual odometry evaluation for precise GPS-less localization
  • 3D mapping
  • « Taxi-by-wire » driving computer supervised obstacle avoidance using robotics technology such as Dynamic Time Windows approach
  • Tests in degraded environmental conditions, with different sensor technologies