About Wyca

Wyca : robotization at zero infrastructure cost

Wyca gives vision and AI to robots. Our goal : the birth of cobotics.

Wyca team is expert in autonomous navigation and vision. The company believes these technologies are required for the next robotics revolution : cobotics and service robots.

Wyca develops Keylo, a robotic solution helping retailers or facilities managers to receive and serve clients and visitors remotely.

Keylo’s first use case is self-storage. Since November 2016, Wyca deploys Keylo robots all over Europe.

In addition, Wyca develops a SaaS platform allowing full control of our technology from the cloud and integrated into CRMs.

Using Keylo, all sales channels – telepresence robot, incoming calls and e-commerce – can then be fully managed remotely from one single office.

Meet The team

Nicolas de Roquette


Matthieu Besozzi


Guillaume Doisy

Chief Robotics Officer

Stéphane Morillon


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